Five Guys Pizza?

We all know how amazing Five Guys’ burgers taste (amazing!) so how about adding amazing pizza to that menu? As much as I’d love to try some, I highly doubt it. Part of Five Guys brand is simplicity. Burgers and fries. Yes, they have added grilled cheese and hot dogs but to add pizza, I don’t think we’ll see that anytime soon. Maybe they should make a new chain called “Five Guys Pizza" yummm…

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Are you a fan?

If you love Five Guys even half as much as we do, then let us know why! I love it because they’re quick, simple and made with high quality ingredients. Not to mention, their Coke is a little bit more rich than many restaurants (who appear to water down their soda). Now I’m hungry…

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Five Guys Menu

Do you love truly amazing burgers? Do you love Five Guys? Do you want to see what’s on the menu? Then you’ve come to the right place! In my opinion, next to cooking up the tastiest burgers in the world, Five Guys has excelled at becoming popular because of their overly simplistic menu. Burgers and fries, that’s about it.

Check out a five guys menu from the Washington, DC area

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