Five Guys Melbourne Menu Prices (AU)

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Five Guys Melbourne Menu Prices in Australia. We explore a distinctive fusion of fine Persian cuisine with iconic American fast food here. Our menu has something for everyone, from flavorful hot dogs and delicious burgers to kebabs and traditional Persian cuisine.

To improve your dining experience, Five Guys Melbourne offers a wide variety of selections, each clearly priced, whether you’re searching for a quick bite or a big dinner. Explore our thorough analysis to identify your new favorite meal!

About Five Guys Australia

Kebabs, burgers, salads, and pizzas are among the many options on Five Guys Australia’s varied menu, which combines Persian and Western cooking to suit a range of palates.

Melbourne Five Guys Menu With Prices (AU)

Chelo Koobideh Kebab$17.00
Chelo Joojeh$19.00
Chelo Chenjeh$27.00
Chelo Barg$27.00
Chelo Shashlik$27.00
Chelo Soltani$32.00
Chelo Ghormeh Sabzi$17.00
Cello Gheymeh$17.00
Zereshk Polo and Chicken$19.00
Baghali Polo and Mahichen$21.00
Chelo Mahichen and Polo$21.00
Chelo Chicken Biryani$15.00
White Rice( Rice only)$9.00
Fava Rice (Rice only)$11.00
Ghorme Sabzi (Stew only )$9.00
Gheymeh (Stew only)$9.00

Australia Salad Five Guys Melbourne Menu

Shirazi Salad$6.00
Garden Salad$6.00

Burgers, Rolls

Chicken Burger$13.00
Special Burger$14.00
Hot Dog$13.00
Special Hot Dog$14.00
Special Kalbas$14.00
Brain and Tongue$16.00
Brain and Chicken$16.00

Five Guys Australia Sides Menu

Chips (Small)$6.00
Chips (Medium)$8.00
Chips (Large)$11.00
Garlic bread$4.00
Kashke Bademjan$13.00
Persian Eggplant Side$13.00


Soft Drink 600 MM$5.00
Soft Drink 1.25 MM$7.00
Water 600 MM$5.00


Lamb Kebab$16.00
Chicken Kebab$16.00
Mixed Kebab$16.00
Adana Kebab$16.00
Lamb Shish$17.00
Chicken Shish$17.00
Mixed Shish$17.00


Meat (Small)$16.00
Meat (Regular)$22.00
Meat (Large)$28.00
Shish (Small)$19.00
Shish (Regular)$25.00
Shish (Large)$32.00
Chips (Small)$6.00
Chips (Regular)$8.00
Chips (Large)$11.00
HSP (Halal Snack Pack) (Small)$13.00
HSP (Halal Snack Pack) (Regular)$17.00
HSP (Halal Snack Pack) (Large)$22.00


Capricciosa (Small)$12.00
Capricciosa (Large)$17.00
Capricciosa (Family)$22.00
Hawaiian (Small)$12.00
Hawaiian (Large)$17.00
Hawaiian (Family)$22.00
Aussie (Small)$12.00
Aussie (Large)$17.00
Aussie (Family)$22.00
Super Special (Family)$22.00
Super Special (Small)$12.00
Super Special (Large)$17.00
Mexicana (Small)$12.00
Mexicana (Large)$17.00
Mexicana (Family)$22.00
Hot and Spicy (Small)$12.00
Hot and Spicy (Large)$17.00
Hot and Spicy (Family)$22.00
Pepperoni (Small)$12.00
Pepperoni (Large)$17.00
Pepperoni (Family)$22.00
Margherita (Small)$12.00
Margherita (Large)$17.00
Margherita (Family)$22.00
Vegetarian (Small)$12.00
Vegetarian (Large)$17.00
Vegetarian (Family)$22.00
Tandoori Chicken (Small)$12.00
Tandoori Chicken (Large)$17.00
Tandoori Chicken (Family)$22.00
Kebab Pizza (Small)$12.00
Kebab Pizza (Large)$17.00
Kebab Pizza (Family)$22.00
Meat Lovers (Small)$12.00
Meat Lovers (Large)$17.00
Meat Lovers (Family)$22.00
Persian Pizza (Small)$12.00
Persian Pizza (Large)$17.00
Persian Pizza (Family)$22.00


Kebab Meal (Small)$18.00
Kebab Meal (Large)$24.00
Shish Meal (Small)$22.00
Shish Meal (Large)$26.00
Adana Meal (Small)$22.00
Adana Meal (Large)$26.00
Veggie Meal$19.00
Cutlet Meal$28.00
Mixed Grill$25.00


Beetroot (Small)$5.00
Beetroot (Large)$7.00
Houmous (Small)$5.00
Houmous (Large)$7.00
Carrot (Small)$5.00
Carrot (Large)$7.00
Tzatziki (Small)$5.00
Tzatziki (Large)$7.00
Eggplant (Small)$5.00
Eggplant (Large)$7.00
Capsicum (Small)$5.00
Capsicum (Large)$7.00

Summary of the Five Guys Australia Menu

Five Guys Australia has a wide menu that includes Western staples like pizza, hot dogs, and burgers along with Persian specialties like Ghormeh Sabzi and Chelo Kebab variations. In addition, the menu features an assortment of sides, dips, and salads, all paired with a selection of beverages. There are a number of kebab and shish alternatives for meat eaters, and there are tastes ranging from Capricciosa to Meat eaters in the pizza department. There are possibilities for both expensive and luxurious eating experiences, with prices ranging greatly.

Menu for Five Guys Australia Burgers

In addition to standard options like Cheeseburger and Chicken Burger, Five Guys Australia also serves inventive burgers like Special Burger, Brain and Tongue, and Brain and Chicken Burgers. The price range of $11 to $16 accommodates both conventional tastes and daring palates.

Australia’s Five Guys Salad Menu

Five Guys Australia has a simple but refreshing salad menu with three options: Garden Salad, Shirazi Salad, and a basic Soup for $6. These options are ideal for a fast bite or as a side dish because they offer a lighter and healthier substitute for the heavier foods.

Drink Menu for Five Guys Australia

Five Men Australia’s drink selection ranges from $3 to $7 and offers standard alternatives including soda cans, larger soft drinks up to 1.25 liters, and bottled water and juice. These drinks are great as an after-dinner refreshment or to pair with a meal.

Pizza Menu for Five Guys Australia

Five Guys Australia offers a wide selection of pizzas in small, big, and family sizes, including Capricciosa, Hawaiian, and Veggie. With prices ranging from $12 to $22, there is enough variety to suit a range of group sizes and tastes. Persian and Kebab pizzas are examples of specialty offerings.

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Five Guys Hours 2024 Australia

  • Opening hours: 11:00 AM
  • Closing hours: 10:00 PM


Q1. What are the Opening hours for Five Guys (Australia)?

Ans: Five Guys Australia opens at 11:00 AM.

Q2. What are the Closing hours for Five Guys (Australia)?

Ans: Five Guys Australia closes at 10:00 PM.

Q3. What is Australia’s famous Five Guys Menu?

Ans: The famous items include Persian kebabs, specialty burgers, and unique pizzas.

Q4. How much is a Five Guys burger in Australia?

Ans: A Five Guys burger in Australia costs between $11 and $16.

Q5. Is Five Guys open 24 hours?

Ans: No, Five Guys is not open 24 hours.

Q6. Why are five guys so expensive in the United Kingdom?

Ans: Five Guys is considered expensive in the UK due to high-quality ingredients, customization options, and operational costs.